Voter ID Laws: Who Doesn’t Have Photo ID?

Voter ID Laws: Who Doesn’t Have Photo ID? from on Vimeo.

Now, meet two Philadelphia women at serious risk of losing their rights to vote due to Pennsylvania’s strict new voter ID laws: Laila Stones, a retired nurse working towards a culinary degree; and Ana Gonzalez, a community organizer, mother of four and grandmother of twelve. These women, and many like them, are stuck in a real-life Catch 22: You need a birth certificate to get a government-issued photo ID, but you need a photo ID to get a birth certificate. Local activists also explain the difficulty in getting such IDs.

Both Stones and Gonzalez were witnesses in the ACLU’s case against the new voter ID laws. An injunction blocking the rules may be their best hope for expressing their fundamental rights as citizens this November.

Lauren Feeney, producer/editor; Cameron Hickey, camera